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  • UNESCO – April 2020 How 20 seconds of washing your hands with soap will save lives, the chemistry explained: Water alone may rinse off dirt, but viruses and bacteria are so small they often need chemical and mechanical intervention to get their sticky nanoparticles out of the crevices that make
  • Almost on a daily basis we are reminded about the damaging effects we are doing to the environment and our planet. Global warming, mass deforestation and over population are all contributing to the depletion of natural resources. So how can one plant help?   Bamboo is Great for the Environment
  • 3 Bars of Lavender Savon de Marseille with Lavender flowers
    Lavender is a funky little soap, a little bit old-fashioned but has made a resounding come back of late. Provence, in France, is the hub of lavender growing. Fields upon fields of beautiful lavender is grown as far as the eye can see. Sunset over lavender fields is a sight
  • Starting out as a professional stone sculptor in Hungary she became very interested in food sculptor and so completed a course in food carving. After a few years working in Scotland Sisi moved to Bournemouth where she has become a highly successful food sculptor. Her work is absolutely beautiful and
  • Honey is perfect for your skin! It’s nature taking care of you inside and out.   Honey has a long and romantic history—it is one of the oldest “ingredients” known to man. Women (and a few men) through the ages have bathed in and used honey to keep their skin
  • 3 Savon de Marseille in a tower in front of flannels and a lit candle.
    Savon de Marseille – Eglantine and Lily of the Valley Soap. Clean, fresh and beautifully stunning soap. Following on from my ‘History of Soap’ blog I’m going to talk to you about how soap is made …. well, most of it, because a little je ne sais quoi is added
  • Savon de Marseille is beautiful, natural French soap and as this is my first blog I thought I would start at the very beginning and tell you about the history of Savon de Marseille. Marseille itself is the second largest city in France and the main city of the historical