Double-Edged Safety Razor with Bamboo Handle

Unisex double edged safety razors by Jungle Culture are produced using eco-friendly, natural bamboo and durable chrome. Our double edged razors are perfectly weighted and balanced to make zero waste shaving  so much easier. These safety razors have been made to last a lifetime – you never need to buy a disposable plastic razor again!

Each reusable safety razor is equipped with a unique, long handled bamboo handle for comfort and a stainless steel safety guard to prevent cuts and irritation.

We have a guide on how to use a safety razor and the benefits of changing to using a safety razor.

Swapping your disposable razor for a reusable safety razor is one of the best ways to make your lifestyle more sustainable. Plastic razors are as much a culprit as single-use plastic straws when it comes to plastic pollution. After a handful of uses, they are tossed into landfill, which means billions of razors are discarded each year.

These eco-friendly double-edged razors are extremely cost-effective. Once you’ve purchased your bamboo razor you will only need to buy razor blades which are cheap and recyclable too!

Our bamboo razor is ideal for both men and women, it comes with a jute travel bag and gift box which makes it the perfect sustainable gift!

Compared to other quality safety razors (which can be expensive) our Jungle Culture Safety Razor is tremendous value for money.

Safety Razor With Bamboo Handle & Case In Box
Safety Razor For Women's Legs