How To Use A Safety Razor

Using Your Safety Razor is an easy process but you don’t want to get it wrong! We have a guide to help you have the best & closest shave when using a double-edged safety razor.

Changing from using the plastic disposable multi-bladed razors to a double edged safety razor has a number of benefits:

    • Less Irritation & No Razor Burn! – your razor blade will be new, clean & sharp which is best for your skin.
    • You will get a closer shave – using a fresh sharp blade will leave you with a much closer shave than the multi-blade or disposable razors.
    • It will save you money! – you only have to replace the blades (which are cheap) and your safety razor should last a lifetime.
    • It helps the environment – no plastic waste from cheap disposable razors, only waste is the recyclable steel blades.

Some dermatologists believe that a double-edged safety razor is less likely to cause skin irritation than alternative multi-blade razors. That’s because a series of three, four or five blades are dragging across the skin in one swoop. Safety razors are also less likely to cause ingrown hairs. So if you are prone to these or have sensitive skin, a safety razor would be a fantastic choice for your razor.

As well as less irritation, safety razors also give you a far closer shave – which means a silky-soft finish for your face or legs!!

Tip: Using a high-quality shaving soap bar will also help to reduce irritation whilst shaving and prime the skin ready to be shaved.

Double-Edged Safety Razor With Bamboo Handle
Double Edged Safety Razor with Bamboo Handle

 How To Shave With A Safety Razor

Before shaving, apply hot water and shaving soap (or a similar shaving foam) whilst your safety razor soaks in hot water.

To insert your new blade, twist off the head of the razor and just pop the razor between the guard and screw back on and you’re set to go.

Once you are ready, put the safety razor with the head against your face and tilt your razor at a 30 – 45 degree angle.

Make sure you angle your head to pull the skin taut in the area you are about to shave, this will give a smooth surface to give you a better shave.

Use short and sharp strokes without going over the same area (to avoid irritation) rinse your razor head with hot water between strokes to avoid build ups of hair.

Make sure you avoid any diagonal movements and swiping either directly downwards or upwards in the same way that you would use a disposable razor.

Always go with the grain of the hair when shaving and there’s no need to apply much pressure when using a safety razor. If you get the best safety razor then it will be perfectly weighted so the razor does the work for you and gives you a very close shave.

Once you have finished shaving, be sure to wipe your razor until dry with a tissue or cloth. This will ensure that no rust builds up on the razor blade.

How To Use A Safety Razor