Customer Reviews


Mark G

I have suffered with dry hands for many years caused by soaps. I tried a wide range of liquid soaps but all caused the same reaction. This soap was recommended to me and straight away I noticed an improvement in the feel and look of my hands. I briefly went back to liquid soap and again immediately my hands started to suffer so I changed back again so I know it is this soap which has made a superb change in my hands. I can not recommend highly enough. This is now my soap of choice bar none.


Lorraine C.

I have been wanting to cut down on my plastic use but had been reluctant to switch to soap bars as I suffer with dermatitis on my hands. A friend suggested that I try this soap and I cannot tell you how pleased I am that I did! Since swapping from liquid hand soap my itchy, dry hands have completely cleared up. I’ve replaced all of my liquid hand soaps and shower gels for Artisan French Soap and the whole family love how naturally fresh smelling and gentle they are.


Jade E

I have real bad skin, I have tried everything the doctors have given me and the dermatologist. Using this soap has given me new confidence. It has helped all my spots and my oily skin all over my body. Every soap leaves my skin smooth and smelling beautiful! I will forever order these soaps and recommend it to everyone!


Michelle F

I have never been one for using soap, and usually buy whatever is on offer at the shop. But I wouldn’t buy anything else now. I suffer with psoriasis and since using the honey soap, I have noticed a massive difference. The scent of the soap is gorgeous, and it does not make a mess in the soap dish like most shop bought soap does. I also love the way it actually makes your skin feel squeaky clean. Would highly recommend.


Paula K

I’ve been scouring around for a decent soap for ages and a friend highly recommended artisan soaps to me, i bought 3 to start a mixture of colours and a beautiful smell, I’m on my 3rd lot now and wouldn’t buy any others so if your looking for great soaps with no plastics and all natural ingredients then this is the place to buy , it’s worth taking up the offer to buy 3 for £10.


Sharon S

This beautiful French artisan soap is the best soap I’ve ever tried! The Citron soap has a wonderful lemony fragrance and, unlike many other soaps, has a lovely moisturising lather which is gentle on your skin. It’s great in the shower and my husband loves it too! Will definitely be trying out the other fragrances and colours soon!


Cathryn B

I have just moved in to my new house which has 6x cloakrooms and wanted a soap that not only matched the colour scheme but also the “feel” of each. After searching, finding and smelling these soaps I purchased 6x bars and I have not been disappointed. Absolutely gorgeous smells, that everyone comments on, nice big bars with totally natural ingredients and a lovely smooth, moisturising lather too. Highly recommend and will be buying more as gifts Thank You