Savon de Marseille
100% Natural Bath Soap Bars

Artisan French Soap has a strong environmental ethos. We only sell natural Savon de Marseille which is full of organic extracts from Provence.

Savon de Marseille has been made for hundred years in Marseille and this skill is still very much at the heart of the artisan soap makers. The bars of soap are handcrafted in the traditional way ensuring the purity of every bar of soap. The soap makers only use natural and organic raw materials from a sustainable source. All soaps are paraben, silicone and pigment free, using only food colouring or ochre for colour.

They are triple-milled for perfection, ensuring that they do not crumble or have a soggy bottom. Only fair trade Shea Butter is used together with the absolute best of Provence oils and fragrances from the Grasse region. All these gorgeous bars of soap are naturally antibacterial and produce a velvety, generous lather.

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Savon de Marseille is enriched with natural Shea Butter. Shea Butter is one of natures wonders renowned for its moisturising, softening, soothing and skin restorative properties. 

Many of our Savon de Marseille soaps contain properties that can aid your skin if you are suffering from psoriasis, eczema or dermatitis. It can help with anti-ageing and is an antiseptic for healing wounds and burns. 

Artisan French Soap is natural, contains no parabens, is cruelty free and plastic free. It arrives completely “naked”. Our soap is vegan (except the Honey soap).

100% vegetable oils are used in the production of our triple-milled soap and only RSPO certified sustainable palm oil is added to make our gorgeous soap.

We have ensured  that the packaging is recyclable as well.

Do you trust cheap soap on your skin?

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Almond Soap - Savon de Marseille

Almond Soap
Savon de Marseille

Aloe Vera Soap - Savon de Marseille

Aloe Vera Soap 
Savon de Marseille

Apricot Savon de Marseille

Apricot Soap
Savon de Marseille

Coconut French Soap - Savon de Marseille

Coconut Soap
Savon de Marseille

Crushed Lemon French Soap

Crushed Lemon Soap
Savon de Marseille